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The Atrium is the central hub of the JKR Research Facility, where it acts as a connector to and from various sections of the facility.


Level 1

The lowermost level of the Atrium on Level 1 branches out to the Reactor station on the Transit System, as well as the hallways going into the HAZMAT Room (and by addition, the Reactor Core) and the Turbine Hall.

Level 2

The middlemost and most significant level of the Atrium on Level 2 connects the Orange Hallway (Sector B) and the Blue Hallway (Sector C) together, as well as to Sector A and Sector D via separate staircases.

Level 3

The topmost level of the Atrium on Level 3 connects the Control Room, the Reception Lobby, the Security Area, the Cafeteria, and the staircase going down to the second level.

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