This page will list any external (meaning non-ROBLOX) references present in the JKRF to popular video games, movies, TV shows, and more.

Video Games

Fallout series

  • Many design traits of the JKRF, notably the maze-like, narrow corridor sections, general signage design, and the Atrium itself are based on fallout shelters called Vaults in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.
  • The concept of having the reactor at the lowest level of the facility is also coined from the Vaults, as their reactor is typically placed at the lowest level of the Vault.
  • The standard door sounds are derived from Fallout 4.

Half-Life series / Black Mesa: Source

  • The Transit System is based on the Black Mesa Transit System, with the tram bearing a similar design.
  • Headcrabs are a reference to the Headcrabs in the Half-Life series.
  • The crowbar found in the Headcrab Labs is another reference to how a crowbar is commonly used to attack Headcrabs in the Half-Life.
  • Many props from around the facility have references or are directly based on certain models and designs from Half-Life 1 and Black Mesa: Source.
  • The automatic door sounds are derived from Half-Life 1 and Black Mesa: Source.
  • The Materials Handling & Research Sector, as well as the Waste Processing area were thought of based on two chapters from Black Mesa, both Anomalous Materials and Residue Processing.

Portal series

  • The open caverns that the Transit System passes through is based on the condemned areas of Aperture Science in Portal 2, referencing the enormous pillars in the Enrichment Spheres.
  • The idea of placing panels on the walls in the hallways were inspired from the panels in the test chambers present in Portal 2.

Movies & TV


  • Certain planned labs and concepts from around the facility are based on a variety of scientific and design concepts from the show Eureka (one obvious one being the "Tachyonic FIeld Lab", a lab devoted to researching a "Tachyon Accelerator", which is a device shown in the first few episodes of the show.)

Star Trek: Enterprise

  • The Particle Manipulation Lab was inspired by Season 1, Episode 22 of Star Trek: Enterprise, in which they show tests of an energy wall being emitted from 6 diodes.


  • The lockdown door alert sounds that play right as the door lowers is the Blast Door Alert from The Swan in the TV series Lost.
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