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The Nuclear Reactor Core is a large enclosed chamber residing on the lowest non-maintenance level of the facility. (designated Level -2) The reactor follows a GCFR (Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor) design that for its time is still in the concept stage.


This area will not accessible until Release 1.0!

The Nuclear Reactor Core is only accessible from the freight elevator that runs from Level 2 to Level -3. This elevator is located at the center start of the Orange Hallway on Level 2, while it can be found in the hallway past the HAZMAT Room on Level 1.


The Nuclear Reactor Core is the JKR Research Facility's primary source of electrical power. Its use has extended to being a test bed for nuclear fission.

Reactor Core Meltdown

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Should the temperature of the Reactor exceed a certain threshold, pressure build-up would cause a massive release of radioactive energy. This is partially contained by the Reactor Core Chamber's containment structure, but will still cause extensive damage to the research facility as a whole, resulting in electrical surges that will damage various electrical systems and apparatus. 

Further details will be released near the Release 1.0 update.