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The Orange Hall (also known as Sector B) is one of two main hallways on Level 2 that link to the various laboratories found in the JKR Research Facility. Unlike its blue counterpart, the Orange Hallway is rather empty and barren.


The Orange Hallway starts at the middle section of the Cargo Bay, looping around the facility, ending at the east side of the Cargo Bay. It is accessable from other Sectors through the Atrium, and from the Sector B station and Cargo Bay station along the Transit System.


Accessable rooms are in bold, while unfinished and closed rooms are in italics.


Helium Lab (C2)

  • The Helium Lab is responsible for reactor coolant production, as well as housing materials at low temperatures.
  • This laboratory connects to both the Orange and Blue hallways.


Headcrab Parasitology (P1)

  • The Headcrab Parasitology Lab works on research into parasitic organisms, specifically a "headcrab", which is a reference to Black Mesa.
  • It is currently the largest laboratory in the research facility as of Beta 0.11.1.
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