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The West Lab Hall (also known as "Level 3 West", "Sector C West") is one of two main hallways on Level 3 that link to the various laboratories found in the JKR Research Facility. It holds some of the slightly larger labs, as well as a connection to the materials sector.


This hallway is accessible from the Cargo Bay as well as the door in the Atrium (same as it's eastern counterpart). It's also accessible via the materials sector.



Propulsion Lab (CW-1)

  • The Propulsion Lab contains a large shielded zone for running static fire tests of rocket engines, and aims to test the efficiency of certain types of fuel and engines.


Distillation Lab (C1)

  • The Distillation Lab contains a distillation machine that purifies the water supply of the JKRF.


Helium Lab (C2)

  • The Helium Lab is responsible for reactor coolant production, as well as housing materials at low temperatures.
  • This laboratory connects to both the Orange and Blue hallways.


Zeta Pinch Lab (E1)

  • The Z-Pinch Lab houses a Z-Pinch Machine that produces electricity through plasma means.


Genetics Research (G1)

  • The Genetics Research Lab focuses on the manipulation and study of genetic material, as well as injecting these changes into test subjects in closed environments.
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