The Zeta Pinch Lab (also known as Z-Pinch Lab) is a lab that researches and tests a plasma confinement device that generates electricity. It is currently under construction, and is set to release in a future version of the JKRF.

Scientific Background

A Zeta Pinch device works by confining plasma and sending an electrical charge through said plasma. This generates an electrical field that in turn compresses itself. The device is a use of the Lorentz force, which describes a conductor with an electrical current in a magnetic field experiencing force.

Plasma (in this case) is conductive, so a magnetic field will induce a current in it. No contact is needed between a magnet and the conductor (the plasma), which makes this kind of device possible. In most applications, plasma is shot through the primary end of a transformer and induces a magnetic field.

The challenge presented here is a stable pinch. This is needed for a fusion reaction. This is what is being tested in most real life laboratories and exists in this case too. A stable pinch can allow for a fusion reaction capable of generating energy 500 times the amount shown in a standard fission reactor. Without a stable pinch, this energy is extremely dangerous and full-scale designs cannot be built without an operating stable pinch device.

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